DeviceMaster PROFINET IO Firmware

After programming the IP address into the DeviceMaster UP, you are ready to upload or update the DeviceMaster UP with the PROFINET IO firmware. Depending on the model you purchased, it may or may not have PROFINET IO loaded. The DeviceMaster UP may contain SocketServer, the default application from the factory.

DeviceMaster PNIO models by default, ship with PROFINET IO loaded. You should always verify that the latest firmware version resides on your DeviceMaster PNIO using PortVision DX.

Models that have a protocol loaded on the DeviceMaster UP are identified in PortVision DX and the DeviceMaster UP is labeled accordingly.


Use PortVision DX to upload the DeviceMaster firmware files or optionally, the Firmware Uploader Utility for Linux.

There are two versions of PortVision DX. Older hardware with older firmware versions are typically served better using v3.05 and newer hardware with newer firmware versions require the latest version of PortVision DX.


PROFINET IO firmware

Supports 1-Port, 2-Port, and 4-Port Models

The DeviceMaster UP 4-port panel model is supported on models with a serial number higher than 30000.

The GSDML file is included in the .msi file and will be unpackaged into a Comtrol subdirectory during installation.



You may need to upload PROFINET IO firmware to the DeviceMaster UP using PortVision DX before configuring the serial ports.

Refer to the PROFINET IO User Guide for detailed information about PROFINET IO and configuration.

There is a known issue with PROFINET IO v3.2.9. If you access Diagnostics -> System Log via the web interface while there is an active PROFINET connection to a PLC, the PROFINET connection may timeout and then reconnect.

If you have a DeviceMaster UP 1-port panel mount or 2-port DIN rail model with a serial number below 30000, you can use the previous PROFINET IO firmware version.




Bootloader is the RedBoot operating system that runs the device during the power on phase, which then starts the default application on the DeviceMaster UP.

You should check the Bootloader version and if necessary, update Bootloader.

You can review the firmware History file for the latest updates and enhancements.

Depending on the serial number of your DeviceMaster, you may need to use a minimum bootloader version due to a hardware update. You can also determine the minimum Bootloader version using the MAC address.


Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc. recommends verifying that the DeviceMaster UP contains the latest PROFINET IO version before configuring serial ports.

If your DeviceMaster UP model was shipped with PROFINET IO, you should check the firmware version and if necessary, upload the latest version of PROFINET IO using PortVision DX.

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