EIP-MOD Installation Overview

If you are not familiar with installing the DeviceMaster EIP-MOD, you can use the following overview or refer to the appropriate DeviceMaster EIP-MOD Guide.

  1. Install the hardware.

  2. Install PortVision DX so that you can easily configure the network information.


    If you have previously installed PortVision DX verify that you are running PortVision DX v4.10 or higher.

  3. Verify that the latest version of DeviceMaster EIP-MOD is loaded.

  4. Refer to the interface programming information and the sample PLC programs for DeviceMaster EIP-MOD.

  5. Configure the DeviceMaster EIP-MOD port characteristics for your environment using the embedded web pages on the DeviceMaster EIP-MOD.

    There are two ways that you can access the embedded web page:

    • Open PortVision DX, right-click on the appropriate DeviceMaster EIP-MOD unit and select Webpage.

    • Open your web browser and enter the IP address of the DeviceMaster EIP-MOD.


    For detailed information about the web page, refer to the DeviceMaster EIP-MOD User Guide.

  6. Connect the serial devices to the DeviceMaster EIP-MOD using the DeviceMaster EIP-MOD Hardware Installation and Configuration Guide.

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