DeviceMaster PROFINET IO Common Procedures

This section provides installation and configuration procedures that are typical DeviceMaster Industrial Gateways regardless of the industrial protocol. The Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc. DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway includes DeviceMaster UP, DeviceMaster EIP, DeviceMaster MOD and DeviceMaster PNIO models.

  • Hardware installation

  • Install PortVision DX, an application that you can use to manage the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway and upload firmware


    PortVision DX requires a Windows operating system.

  • Program the IP address using PortVision DX

  • Firmware procedures, for example:

    • Checking the protocol version

    • Uploading the protocol

    • Checking the Bootloader version

    • Uploading Bootloader

You may need upload the appropriate firmware for your protocol using PortVision DX. Depending on the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway model you purchased, the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway may, or may not have the protocol firmware loaded.

Models that have a protocol loaded on the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway are identified in PortVision DX and the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway is labeled accordingly.

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