DeviceMaster Modbus Overview

Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc. has developed three unique Modbus firmware applications designed to provide flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. You can load one of the Modbus firmware applications onto DeviceMaster UP Modbus or DeviceMaster MOD models.

  • Modbus Router overview

    Modbus Router application provides highly flexible and robust connectivity for PLCs, SCADA systems, HMIs, OPC servers and applications that require a wide range of Modbus connectivity options.

    Download Modbus Router firmware

  • Modbus Server overview

    Modbus Server provides enhanced connectivity for OPC servers and applications that require Modbus/RTU communication. While standard gateways provide connectivity for only one application per serial port, Modbus Server provides connectivity for up to six applications per serial port.

    Download Modbus Server firmware

  • Modbus/TCP overview

    Modbus/TCP firmware provides maximum functionality and flexibility with an emphasis on raw/ASCII device support. Its feature-rich platform also supports both slave and master serial Modbus devices

    Download Modbus/TCP firmware

If you know which Modbus firmware application you are implementing, use the menu at the left to navigate to the information and files that you may require for installation and configuration.

If you are unsure which Modbus firmware you should use, you can read our whitepapers on our web site to help you make your decision.


The initial release of the DeviceMaster UP16 only supports Modbus Router.

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