DeviceMaster PROFINET IO Installation Overview


Please note that the DeviceMaster PNIO is another member of the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway, which includes the DeviceMaster UP family.

If you are not familiar with installing the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway, you can use the following installation overview or the appropriate PROFINET IO User Guide.


The PROFINET IO firmware only supports DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway 1-port through 4-port models.

  1. Install the hardware.

  2. Install PortVision DX so that you can easily configure the network information.


    If you have previously installed PortVision DX you may want to verify that you are running the latest version. PortVision DX is continuously updated with new features and added support for the latest hardware model releases.

  3. If necessary, upload PROFINET IO or check the firmware version on the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway against the ftp site to see if you should download the latest version.

  4. If the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway contains PROFINET IO, you should verify that it is the latest version before configuring the serial characteristics. If a new firmware version is available, upload the firmware to the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway.

  5. Configure the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway port characteristics for your environment using the embedded web pages on the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway.

    There are two ways that you can access the embedded web page:

    • Open PortVision DX, right-click on the appropriate DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway unit and select Webpage.

    • Open your web browser and enter the IP address of the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway.

  6. Connect the serial devices to the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway using the DeviceMaster UP | DeviceMaster PNIO User Guide.

  7. Configure the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway using the TIA Portal.

    1. Install the GSD file

      The GSDML file can be downloaded directly from the DeviceMaster PNIO home page.

    2. Add the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway

    3. IP address assignment

    4. Device name assignment

    5. Establish a PROFINET IO connection

    6. Configure IO modules

    For detailed steps and procedures, refer to the DeviceMaster UP | DeviceMaster PNIO User Guide

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