DeviceMaster Modbus Server Documentation

Use the following table to locate the installation documentation for the DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway Modbus Server, which includes DeviceMaster UP and DeviceMaster MOD models.

DeviceMaster UP | DeviceMaster MOD Hardware Installation and Configuration Guide

1/2/4-Port Models

Rev C



Provides installation and firmware configuration information using PortVision DX.

DeviceMaster UP16 Hardware User Guide

16-Port Only

Rev B



This guide contains the latest information about installing and configuring the DeviceMaster UP 16-port using PortVision DX.

Modbus Server User Guide

Rev D



Provides information about configuring serial ports and Modbus Server web pages.

DeviceMaster UP Secure Configuration User Guide

Rev C



Provides secure configuration procedures for the Modbus Server web pages.

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