IOLM 8-EIP-L Installation Overview

You can use the IO-Link Master Library for EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP for detailed installation and configuration procedures. Also, the IO-Link Master web interface help system provides detailed information.

The following provides an installation and configuration overview for the IOLM 8-EIP-L, which provides an L-coded power connector.

  1. Install the IOLM 8-EIP-L hardware.

    1. If required by your site environment, set the Rotary Switch


      Technical Support advises that you use PortVision DX or the web interface to program the IP address to streamline installation.

    2. Connect to the network

    3. Connect the power

    4. If desired, mount the IO-Link Master

    5. Connect the IO-Link devices

  2. If necessary, configure the IP address using the IO-Link Master web interface or PortVision DX.

    If you set the Rotary switch, you may need to configure other network settings using the web interface.

  3. Configure the port characteristics using the web interface.

  4. Optionally, use the IO-Link Master to configure/edit IO-Link device parameters. The IO-Link Master web interface provides:

    • IO-Link Device Description GUI that works in conjunction with the device manufacturers IODD files, which you can load on the IO-Link Master.

    • IO-Link Device ISDU Interface, which can be used referencing device manufacturers Operator or Configuration Manuals that contain the ISDU Block Index and ISDU Sub-Index parameters.

  5. Optionally, implement these features after configuring the IO-Link device: Data Storage (Automatic or Manual), Device Validation Mode, and Data Validation Mode.

  6. Optionally, use the EDS files and/or example programs to prepare PLC programs.

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