IO-Link Master EIP Series Device Validation

Device validation is supported by many IO-Link v1.1 devices. You can use this procedure to configure device validation.

  1. Open the IO-Link Master embedded web interface.

  2. Click Configuration | IO-Link Settings.

  3. Select Compatible or Identical for the Device Validation Mode.

  4. Click the GET ATTACHED button or manually complete the Vendor ID, Device ID, and Serial Num.

    If the device does not have a serial number, you should not select Identical because a serial number is used to identify a specific device.

  5. Click the SAVE button.

If the wrong or incompatible device is connected to the port, the IO-Link port LED flashes red.


If you disable the Device Validation feature, if necessary, return the Vendor Id and Device Id to 0 and empty the Serial Num field, and SAVE the changes.

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