IO-Link Master PNIO Series Overview

The following items are available for the IO-Link Master PNIO Series.

  • Installation Overview to install and configure your IO-Link Master.



    To avoid possible damage, ensure that the power supply used with the IOLM 8-PNIO is powered off before connecting power cables.

    • 4-PNIO: IP67 4-port model

    • 8-PNIO: IP67 8-port model with T-coded power connectors

    • 8-PNIO: IP67 8-port model with L-coded power connectors

    • DR-8-PNIO: DIN rail 8-port model with 2 dedicated DIO ports

    • DR-8-PNIO-P: DIN rail 8-port model with removable/pluggable push-in connectors

    • DR-8-PNIO-T: DIN rail 8-port model with removable/pluggable terminal connectors


    The Installation Overviews reflect configuration and feature information about the latest released Application Base image in Software Downloads.

    Optionally, refer to the help system in the embedded web interface for feature and configuration procedures for your specific Application Base.

  • SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS - Check for the latest software versions. There are four images that run on the IO-Link Master, of which, the FPGA is unique to the hardware type.

  • PortVision DX, Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc. application that runs on Windows for easy configuration and management of the IO-Link Master and other devices.

  • Supporting Documentation - IO-Link Master PROFINET IO and Modbus/TCP User Guide and the PortVision DX User Guide.

  • General Station Description Markup Language (GSDML) files - Easily add the IO-Link Master to PROFINET IO.

  • Troubleshooting - Provides troubleshooting information about the IO-Link Master.

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