IO-Link Master PNIO Series Troubleshooting

Before contacting Technical Support, you may want to try the following.

Troubleshooting Check List

You can use this list to check for common issues and resolutions.


Remember that configuration implemented using the IO-Link Master web interface is temporary and will be overwritten by the PLC if the device is rebooted.

  • Open the IO-Link Master web interface and review the applicable Diagnostics web pages. The help system provides up-to-date information about each field.

  • If the IO-Link LED or IO-Link Diagnostics page indicates the port is not active (green port LED blinking), check the following:

    • Check the IO-Link device to verify it is receiving power.

    • Reset the port and then reactivate it.

      1. Open the Configuration | IO-Link Settings page, click EDIT on the corresponding port.

      2. Change the Port Mode to Reset and click SAVE.

      3. Click EDIT on the corresponding port and change the Port Mode to IO-Link and click SAVE.

    • If it is a digital IO device, make sure you set the appropriate Port Mode (DigitalIn or DigitalOut) on the IO-Link Settings page.

      When a DIO device is connected to IO-Link ports, the IO-Link LED does not light (no IO-Link activity). The IO-Link Diagnostics page displays Operational, PDI Valid.

  • Check the LED status. You can refer to the IO-Link Master PROFINET IO and Modbus/TCP User Guide for LED information.

  • Power cycle or reboot the IO-Link Master using the Advanced | Software page or PortVision DX.

  • Verify that you are using the correct types of cables on the correct connectors and that all cables are connected securely.

  • Verify that the network IP address, subnet mask, and gateway are correct and appropriate for the network. Make sure that the IP address programmed into the IO-Link Master matches the unique reserved IP configured address assigned by the system administrator.


    Remember that the IP address set on the IOLM 4-PNIO with the rotary switches override software settings on the Advanced | Network page or in PortVision DX.

  • If using DHCP, the host system needs to provide the subnet mask. The gateway is optional and is not required for a purely local network.

  • Verify that the Ethernet hub and any other network devices between the system and the IO-Link Master are powered up and operating.

  • If you have a spare IO-Link Master, try replacing the IO-Link Master.

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