IOLM DR-8-PNIO-P Installation Overview

You can also refer to the IO-Link Master PROFINET IO and Modbus/TCP User Guide for detailed installation and configuration procedures.


The IOLM DR-8-PNIO-P must be installed in a suitable fire, electrical, mechanical area.

The following provides an installation and configuration overview for the IOLM DR-8-PNIO-P.

  1. Install the IOLM DR-8-PNIO-P hardware.

    1. Connect to the network.

    2. Connect and apply the power.

    3. Connect the IO-Link devices.

    4. If desired, connect digital input or output devices to the digital IO ports.

    5. If desired, mount the IO-Link Master.

  2. Verify that the latest images are installed on the IO-Link Master. If necessary, download the latest images and upload the images onto the IO-Link Master.

  3. Configure PROFINET IO using Step 7.


    You can use the Chapter titled, Configuring the IO-Link Master with Step 7 or TIA Portal in the IO-Link Master User Guide for PROFINET IO for detailed configuration procedures.

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