DeviceMaster Programming an IPv6 Address

After installing the hardware, you can program the network information (IPv6 address) into the DeviceMaster (DeviceMaster DM-2000 series, DeviceMaster PRO, DeviceMaster RTS, or DeviceMaster Serial Hub).

If you want to program an IPv6 address, you have two methods available:

  • Use the DeviceMaster web page (SocketServer/NS-Link) by initially accessing the web page with an IPv4 address.


    The default IPv4 address is You can use PortVision DX to program an IPv4 address.

  • Use the IPv6 link local address in a browser that support IPv6.

This procedure supports SocketServer v11.00 or higher.

  1. If necessary, configure an IPv4 using PortVision DX.

  2. Open your browser and enter the IP address.


    The default IPv4 address is

  3. Click Network.

  4. If desired, click Disable IPv4 networking.

  5. Click either User DHCPv6 or Use static config below depending on your network requirements.

    1. If you selected Use static config below, enter the IPv6 address.

    2. Enter the prefix length. 64 is the smallest recommended prefix length.

    3. Enter the Gateway address.

  6. Click Save.


    You must reboot for changes on this page to take affect.

  7. Click System | Reboot.

  8. Optionally, click the Reboot Now button or let the web page reboot using the timer.

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