DeviceMaster LT Different Physical Network

Use the following procedure to associate a MAC address to a DeviceMaster LT that is not on the same physical network segment or not connected directly to the NIC.

This procedure does not include initially programming the IP address, which was discussed in Programming the IP Address.

  1. Make sure that you have installed the hardware (DeviceMaster LT configured the IP address, and uploaded the latest version of SocketServer.

  2. If necessary, open the Comtrol Drivers Management Console, Start > Program Files > Comtrol > DeviceMaster > Comtrol Drivers Management Console

  3. Highlight the appropriate DeviceMaster LT.

  4. Enter the MAC address in the MAC Mode text box.

    When you enter the MAC address, make sure that you use the correct format: 00 C0 4E xx xx xx. A space must separate each pair of digits. A MAC address is located on a label on the DeviceMaster LT or use PortVision DX to scan the network, which will display the MAC address.

  5. Click Apply to program the driver with the MAC address of the DeviceMaster LT.

  6. Optionally, you can click the Advanced tab and verify that the Device Status message indicates that the DeviceMaster LT is active and Ok.

  7. Highlight the DeviceMaster LT.

    If the DeviceMaster LT is not on the same network segment, enter the IP address of the DeviceMaster LT in the IP Mode text box.

  8. Click the IP Mode radio button.

  9. Click Apply to program the driver for IP mode.

  10. Configure device properties.

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