DeviceMaster LT Hardware Installation Overview

The following steps provide an overview of the hardware installation. You can refer to the DeviceMaster LT User Guide (Rev C) for detailed hardware installation procedures for your model.

  1. Record the MAC address, model number, and serial number of the DeviceMaster LT.

  2. Place the DeviceMaster LT on a stable surface.

  3. Connect the DeviceMaster LT to the same Ethernet network segment as the host PC using a standard network cable using either Ethernet port.

  4. Apply power to the DeviceMaster LT by connecting the AC power adapter to the DeviceMaster LT, connect the appropriate power cord for your location to the power adapter, and plug the power cord into a power source.

  5. Verify that the STAT LED has completed the boot cycle and network connection for the DeviceMaster LT is functioning properly using the following table.



    STAT (Status LED) - If the Status LED on the DeviceMaster LT is lit, it indicates the DeviceMaster LT has power and it has completed the boot cycle.

    The STAT LED flashes while booting and it takes approximately 15 seconds for the Bootloader to complete the cycle. When the Bootloader completes the cycle, the LED has a solid, steady light that blinks approximately every 10 seconds.


    The green LED indicates that a link has been established and the yellow LED indicates activity.


    The RX (green) and TX (yellow) LEDs function accordingly when the cable is attached properly to a serial device.

    • RX (Green)

      • RS-232 Mode

        • Always off - No valid RS-232 device is connected

        • ON - Valid RS-232 device is connected but no data transmission is occurring

        • LED Blinks - Data being received

      • RS-422/485 Mode

        • Always off - No data being received

        • LED Blinks - Data being received

      • No Mode Selected - Always off

    • TX (Yellow)

      • Always off - No data being transmitted

      • LED Blinks - Data being transmitted

  6. Configure the DeviceMaster LT IP address.

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