DeviceMaster LT Firmware Files

The DeviceMaster LT has Bootloader and SocketServer loaded on the DeviceMaster LT from the factory. You may need to update the existing or upload other firmware based on the anticipated use of the DeviceMaster LT.






Bootloader is the RedBoot operating system that runs the device during the power on phase, which then starts the default application on the DeviceMaster LT.

Typically, you should not update the Bootloader unless advised to do so by Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc. Technical Support.

You can check the Bootloader version and if necessary, upload the latest version.





SocketServer is the default application that runs on the DeviceMaster LT and is for use with the NS-Link device drivers and applications that support Winsock connections, for telnet type connections, and for Serial Tunneling. You can use SocketServer to configure DeviceMaster LT ports for TCP/IP socket access from the other hosts or for serial tunneling.

Technical Support recommends that you update to the latest version of SocketServer before installing an NS-Link device driver or configuring socket ports.

You can use PortVision DX to check the SocketServer version and if necessary, update SocketServer.

If you do not want to use PortVision DX to update SocketServer, you can use RedBoot. Refer to Uploading Firmware in the RedBoot Procedures section of the DeviceMaster LT User Guide.

You can download and unzip the SocketServer help file and open the ssvr_help.htm. This is the help system embedded in SocketServer.

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