DeviceMaster LTMAC and IP Addressing Differences

Although you can associate a MAC address on a different physical segment, the DeviceMaster LT must be connected to the local network segment or directly to a NIC on the host system for the NS-Link driver to operate in MAC Mode

The MAC addressing method (MAC mode) has the following advantages:

  • Simplifies implementation and ongoing support by eliminating the address administration issues inherent in network protocols. MAC addresses are predefined by DeviceMaster LT and there is no potential for an address conflict at setup.

  • It is isolated from foreign LAN segments minimizing potential security issues.

  • Maximizes throughput of serial data.

The IP addressing scheme (IP mode) has the following advantages:

  • Uses an IEEE industry standard protocol.

  • Allows you to configure systems to use ports on the DeviceMaster LT that are outside of the host system’s local Ethernet segment.


    This IP address must be a unique reserved IP address. Do not use an address from a dynamic address pool. If necessary, see the system administrator for an IP address.

    The default IP address is

Use the appropriate procedure for your situation:

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