DeviceMaster 500 Installation Overview

DeviceMaster 500 installation follows these basic steps:

  1. Install the hardware.

  2. Program the network information (IP address) into the DeviceMaster 500 using PortVision Plus Plus.

  3. If necessary, update SocketServer on the DeviceMaster 500.


    Technical Support recommends that you update to the latest version of SocketServer before installing an NS-Link device driver, the secure COM port redirector, or configuring socket ports.

  4. If necessary, install the device driver for your operating system.

  5. Perform the following steps in the Comtrol Drivers Management Console:

    1. Associate the MAC address of the DeviceMaster 500.

    2. Configure the serial port attributes for the NS-Link driver.

  6. Configure the serial port attributes.

  7. Optionally, configure one or more ports for socket mode.

  8. Connect the serial devices. See the DeviceMaster 500 User Guide for cabling information.

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