DeviceMaster 500 PortVision DX and Utilities

The following utilities are available for the DeviceMaster 500 family.

Operating SystemNameDescription


Firmware Upload Utility



You can use this utility to upload firmware (Bootloader and SocketServer) on a Linux system. Optionally, you can use RedBoot to upload firmware.


LCOM Utility



You can use LCOM for testing serial ports and use this procedure to use LCOM to test ports.

Optionally, you can use minicom and this procedure for testing ports with minicom.

Windows XP SP3 through Windows 10


PortVision DX



You can use PortVision DX to identify, configure, update, and manage the DeviceMaster 500.

You can use the help system for information about using PortVision DX.

In addition, PortVision DX contains Test Terminal and Port Monitor.

Test Terminal can be used to troubleshoot communications on a port-by-port basis. You can use the procedure in the Troubleshooting page.

Port Monitor checks for errors, modem control, and status signals and provides you with raw byte input and output counts.

You can use the Port Monitor (PMon2) and Test Terminal (WCom2) User Guide, which provides procedures for using both Test Terminal and Port Monitor to test ports and communications.

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