DeviceMaster 500 Configuring COM Ports

To use a DeviceMaster 500 port as a COM port, you should install the NS-Link device driver and configure the driver for your Windows system.

The following is a COM port properties configuration overview. Use the DeviceMaster NS-Link Device Driver User Guide for Windows or the NS-Link Help system for detailed configuration information.

  1. Open the Comtrol Drivers Management Console, Start> Program Files> Comtrol> DeviceMaster > Comtrol Drivers Management Console

  2. Highlight the appropriate DeviceMaster 500.

  3. Highlight the first port you want to configure.

  4. Select the appropriate communications mode.


    If you select RS-422 mode, make sure that there is not a device attached to the port.

  5. Enable the features that you want to use.


    You can use the Comtrol Drivers Management Console help system or refer to the DeviceMaster NS-Link Device Driver User Guide for information about each option.

  6. Optionally, click the RTS Toggle Options button:

    • If your communications application does not toggle RTS when transmitting in RS-485 mode.

    • If you are using an external RS-232 to RS-485 converter, which is attached to a port that is configured for RS-232.

      1. Click the appropriate options for your environment.

      2. Click OK to save the changes and return to the Port General tab.

  7. If desired, click the Clone check box to set all of the ports on this DeviceMaster 500 to these characteristics.

  8. Optionally, change the User-Friendly Port Name.

  9. If desired, select a different COM Name (NS-Link COM port number). The drop-down list displays (in use) next to COM port numbers that are already in use in this system. Do not duplicate COM port numbers as this will cause the ports to not function.

  10. Click Apply to save these changes.

  11. Highlight the next port that you want to configure and perform Steps 3 through 10.

  12. You are now ready to attach your serial device. If necessary, refer to the DeviceMaster Installation and Configuration Guide.

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