Linux: DeviceMaster 500 NS-Link (tty Ports) Installation Overview

Use the following overview to install the NS-Link for Linux.

  1. Install the hardware.

  2. Install PortVision DX and then program the network information (IP address) into the DeviceMaster 500.

  3. If necessary, update SocketServer.

    If you do not want to use PortVision DX to update SocketServer, you can use RedBoot. Refer to Uploading Firmware in the RedBoot Procedures section of the DeviceMaster 500 Installation and Configuration Guide.


    Technical Support recommends that you update to the latest version of SocketServer before installing the NS-Link device driver.

  4. Locate and install the NS-Link device driver for Linux.


    Refer to Extracting Files, if you need assistance unpacking the driver assembly.

  5. Configure the serial ports. Refer to the readme file packaged with the NS-Link device driver.

  6. Optionally, configure one or more ports for socket mode.

  7. Connect the serial devices. Open the DeviceMaster 500 Installation and Configuration Guide if you need cabling information.

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