IOLM DR-8-EIP-P Set the IP Address

The following provides information about setting the IOLM DR-8-EIP-P IP address using software.

You can use one of the following methods to set the IP address on the IOLM DR-8-EIP-P

  • Web interface

    You may need to change your host system IP address so that it can communicate with the IO-Link Master default IP address:

  • PortVision DX

    PortVision DX is a Windows application that automatically detects Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc. Ethernet attached products physically attached to the local network segment so that you can quickly configure the network address, upload firmware, and access product configuration web pages. You can refer to the PortVision DX User Guide for additional feature information.

Using the Web Interface

You can use this procedure to access the IOLM DR-8-EIP-P web interface to configure the IP address. Refer to the help system for detailed information about the web interface.

  1. Open your browser and enter the IP address of the IOLM DR-8-EIP-P.


    The default IP address is:

    You can install and use PortVision DX if you do not want to change the IP address on your system to access the IO-Link Master.

  2. Click Configuration | NETWORK.

  3. Click the EDIT button.

  4. Optionally, enter a host name to identify this IOLM DR-8-EIP-P.

  5. Select the IP type, Static or DHCP.

    • If using a static IP address, enter the static IP address, subnet mask and IP gateway address.

    • If using DNS:

      • Enter the DNS primary server IP address.

      • Optionally, enter the DNS secondary server IP address.

  6. If you want the IOLM DR-8-EIP-P to send syslog messages to a syslog server:

    1. Enter the syslog server's IP address (or host name if using DNS).

    2. Enter the syslog server's port number (default is 514).

  7. If you want to enable the SSH server, click Enable.

  8. As needed, configure any necessary EtherNet/IP Specific Options.

  9. Optionally, enable the Menu Bar Hover Shows Sub-menu option.

    For example, if you hover over Advanced, the SOFTWARE, ACCOUNTS, LOG FILES, and LICENSES sub-menus display. You can click any sub-menu and avoid opening the default menu to access a category.

  10. Click SAVE to save the changes

  11. In the event the IOLM DR-8-EIP-P does not redirect you to the new IP address, type the new IP address in your browser to open the IO-Link Master web interface.

The next step is to configure the ports.

Using PortVision DX

Use the following procedure to set the IP address using PortVision DX.

  1. If you have not done so, install PortVision DX and click the Scan button.

  2. Click the hardware types that you want to locate on the network and click Scan.

  3. Right-click the IOLM DR-8-EIP-P that you want to program in the Device List pane (lower) and click Properties.

    Optionally, you can double-click on the IOLM DR-8-EIP-P to open the Properties tabs. It may take a few moments for the next screen to open.

    If the IOLM DR-8-EIP-P has been configured for a password, you must enter Admin (case-sensitve) and the password.

  4. When the Properties screen opens, optionally, enter a friendly device name, which displays in PortVision DX on the Main screen.

    The MAC address, Serial Number, and Device Status fields are automatically completed and are status-only fields

  5. Enter the appropriate network information on the General tab. You can configure the IOLM DR-8-EIP-P for a static IP address or set it to DHCP.

    • If you select Static for the IP Type, you must enter a valid IPv4 address. If necessary, see your Network Administrator for a valid IP address, netmask, and gateway address for this IOLM DR-8-EIP-P.

      The default IP address is:

    • If you select DHCP, this field displays the last IP address programmed into the IOLM DR-8-EIP-P

  6. Click Close to exit the Properties tabs

The next step is to open the IOLM DR-8-EIP-P web page by entering the IP address in your browser or simply click the Webpage button to configure the ports.

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