Secure DeviceMaster LT COM Ports

In addition to enabling SSL mode in the driver, you must Enable Secure Data Mode in the NS-Link web page.

Use the following procedure to implement the Enable Secure Data Mode option in the NS-Link (v11.00 or higher) web page.

  1. Access the NS-Link web page using one of these methods:

    • Web browser: enter the IP address and click Enter.

    • PortVision DX: right-click the DeviceMaster in the Device Tree or Device List pane and click Webpage.

  2. Click Network.

  3. Click the Security link.

  4. Click Enable Secure Data Mode, set other applicable options, and then click Save. DeviceMaster DM/PRO/RTS/Serial Hub

  5. Configure your security key and certificate, click the Keys/Cert link. DeviceMaster DM/PRO/RTS/Serial Hub

  6. Optionally, configure socket mode.


Use the web page help system for information about the Security tab options

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