IOLM DR-8-EIP-T Connect the Power


The IOLM DR-8-EIP-T provides a redundant power input on the top of the IOLM DR-8-EIP-T.

The following provides power information for the IOLM DR-8-EIP-T.

Power Signals

The following table provides signal information. IOLM 4-EIP Power Connector



1 and 2

24VDC Power Supply Return



Primary +24VDC supply



Secondary +24VDC supply

Power Supply Current and Voltage

Maximum EMC protection is provided by a low impedance connection between functional earth, the ground when connected to a ground DIN rail, and protective earth. The following table contains power-related information about the power supply.

Power Supply Voltage/CurrentValues
Power Supply In (V+)3.7A†
IO-Link Connectors Ports 1-8






IO-Link Master Power

155mA @24VDC (Vs)


The total supply of current for all connected IO-Link devices.

IOLM DR-8-EIP-T requires a UL listed power supply with an output rating of 24VDC.

Connecting the Power

You can use this procedure to connect the IOLM DR-8-EIP-T to a power supply.


Power should be disconnected from the power supply before connecting it to the IOLM DR-8-EIP-T. Otherwise, your screw driver blade can inadvertently short your terminal connections to the grounded enclosure.

  1. Insert positive and negative wires (12-24AWG) into the V+ and V- contacts.

  2. Tighten the wire-clamp screws to prevent the wires from coming loose.

  3. Apply the power and verify that the following LEDs are lit indicating that you are ready to begin configuration.

    • PWR

    • MOD, during the power-on sequence, this LED is lit. After power-on, one of the following occurs:

      • The green LED is flashing to indicate that it is in standby mode.

      • The green LED is lit to indicate that it is operational.

    • NET, during the power-on sequence the LED is lit. After power-on, one of the following occurs:

      • Off indicates there is no IP address

      • Steady red indicates duplicate IP address on the network

    • The Link LEDs should be steady green indicating that the link is up. The ACT LED flashes to indicate network activity.

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