DeviceMaster Software Developer Kit Verifying the Installation

This discussion is an overview of how to build all three samples included in the SDK. Detailed instructions are provided for each of the examples in Sample Programs.

  1. Copy the sample program files to your hard disk. In this example, they were copied to the user’s home directory

  2. Create a work directory. In this example, ecos-demo is the name of the work directory.

    $ mkdir ecos-demo
    $ cd ecos-demo

  3. If you have not done so, unpack and install the pre-compiled eCos libraries.

  4. Modify the Makefile to point to the location of the eCos install directory.

  5. Unpack the demo sources

    $ tar xzf ~/demo.tar.gz

  6. Go to the demo subdirectory where you unpacked the source files.

    $ cd demo

  7. Remove all previously complied components and object files.

    $ make clean
    $ rm -f netecho.elf serecho.elf netecho.bin serecho.bin netech . .
    $ touch srcdeps

  8. Compile source dependencies.

    $ make depend 

  9. Compile the Sample Program.

    $ make

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