DeviceMaster Software Developer Kit Installation Overview

The complete SDK requires about 800Mb of disk space. The original development of the DeviceMaster and the samples in the SDK was done under Redhat Linux 8.0.

In order to develop eCos applications for the DeviceMaster, you must install at least the arm-elf tools and the pre-compiled eCos libraries. The Windows arm-elf tools require that Cygwin be installed. If you would like to modify the eCos configuration, then the eCos sources must be installed. Changes in eCos configuration require that the eCos libraries and include files be rebuilt from the eCos source tree.

Building at least one of the included sample applications is also suggested as a way to insure that the tools and libraries are operational. See Verifying the Installation for information about how to install, build, and run the serecho program that is included in the Sample_Apps directory.

GNU cross development tools (compiler, linker, assembler, debugger) are included for IA32 hosts running either Cygwin/Win32 or Linux. A complete Cygwin distribution is also included.

The following illustrates the steps to using this SDK effectively.

  1. If you are working on a Windows system, install Cygwin.

  2. Install the arm-elf tool for your operating system (Linux or Windows):


    Windows developers will need to install Cygwin before installing the arm-elf tools.

  3. Install the eCos library (pre-compiled eCos object libraries or eCos source libraries)

  4. Build a program (discussed in Sample Programs)

  5. Download the application to the DeviceMaster.

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