DeviceMaster Software Developer Kit Installing Cygwin


If you are working on a Windows system and you have Cygwin installed, go to Installing arm-elf Tools.

If you have not previously installed Cygwin, you will need to do so before installing the arm-elf tools. The SDK provides all the files that you need for installation, which includes:

  • Installation files for the Cygwin UNIX environment for Windows DLL and associated programs

  • Compressed tar file that contains the executable binaries for the arm-elf cross platform GNU tools GCC, GDB, AS and LD.

Use the following procedure if you need to install Cygwin.

  1. Double-click on the setup.exe file in the Windows_Tools\cygwin directory, which will launch a series of dialog boxes.

  2. Select Next in the Cygwin Net Release Setup Program dialog box.

  3. Select the Install from Local Directory radio button in the Cygwin Setup dialog box and click Next.

  4. Verify that the \Windows_Tools\Cygwin directory is listed in the Local Package Directory dialog box or enter it into the text entry box and click Next.

  5. In the Select install root directory dialog box accept the default installation directory C:\Cygwin or enter the path name of an alternate directory in the Select install root directory text field..

  6. Allow Default Text File Type to default to UNIX and Install For to default unless you must restrict access to yourself and click Next.

  7. Make no changes in the Select packages to install dialog box and click Next.

    The setup.exe will begin copying files.


    This may take awhile depending on your system. One machine took 10 - 12 minutes.

  8. When file copying is complete you will be prompted to select a Cygwin icon on your desktop and/or in your Start Menu. Select your preference and click Next.

  9. Select OK when the Installation Complete dialog box appears.

    You now have the full power of the bash shell available on your Windows computer. For more information, see the Cygwin User’s Guide.

  10. You are ready to install the eCos library (pre-compiled or source eCos library).

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