DeviceMaster Software Developer Kit Hints and Tips

  • line-endings

    Do not convert source or configuration files to MS-DOS line endings. Cygwin users: use a text editor that preserves UNIX line endings (jed, vim, PFE, textpad, VisualStudio, Wordpad, etc.). Do not use Notepad to edit source files or configuration files.

  • printf()

    The stdio printf() function is not currently supported by the DeviceMaster HAL package. Use diag_printf() instead.

  • Disabling Auto-Load

    If you want to prevent the bootloader on the DeviceMaster from loading and running the default application on start-up, follow the steps in Disabling Auto-Load.

  • WinZip

    When unpacking .tar.gz files, disable smart or automatic handling of line endings for text files. Otherwise, WinZip will cause breakage by adding carriage returns to line endings.

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