DeviceMaster FreeWire Web Browser Interface

You can configure the DeviceMaster FreeWire using a standard web browser to access the DeviceMaster FreeWire embedded web server pages, which contain the DeviceMaster FreeWire configuration options, if you do not have access to using a Windows system for configuration.

If you have access to a Windows system, Technical Support recommends using the DeviceMaster FreeWire Installation Wizard for configuration.


To configure the DeviceMaster FreeWire, the IP address must also be valid for the network to which it is attached. The network segment must be 192.168.250.x to communicate to the DeviceMaster FreeWire default IP address of

  1. Verify that your PC is connected and has access to the network.

  2. If you have not done so, connect an available Ethernet cable from your network hub to the DeviceMaster FreeWire and verify that the DeviceMaster FreeWire is powered on.

    To operate on an 802.11b/g network, you must set up the same configuration as the wireless network you want the DeviceMaster FreeWire to communicate on. All nodes of a wireless network need to have the same settings in order to communicate with each other.

    • Wireless mode (ad-hoc or infrastructure)

    • SSID channel

    • Data rate

    • Security settings (WEP keys, 802.1x settings, etc.)

  3. From the host computer, open a standard web browser, enter the IP address of the DeviceMaster FreeWire into the address bar of the web browser, and then press Enter.

    The Web Browser Utility screen displays.

  4. Click the Login menu selection (left), enter the password (default is ACCESS), and then click Submit.

  5. Use the web page to configure the settings of the DeviceMaster FreeWire. The menu selections are displayed on the left side of the screen, and the individual settings are located at the top of the screen. At a minimum, you need to configure the following pages:

    • I/O Port, if you are using the serial port in socket mode.

    • TCP/IP - to configure the DeviceMaster FreeWire IP address for your network.

    • Wireless - to configure the wireless settings that match your network.

    • Admin - you may want to configure network access password and an update password, which prevents unauthorized configuration changes.

  6. To confirm wireless operation:

    1. Close the web browser and disconnect the Ethernet cable.

    2. Re-open the web browser, enter the IP address, and verify that DeviceMaster FreeWire web page loads.


      It takes approximately 7 seconds before the connection is operational.

      If the web page does not load, see Troubleshooting page or the DeviceMaster FreeWire Installation and User Guide Troubleshooting section.

  7. You are ready to connect the serial device to the DeviceMaster FreeWire. Refer to the Connecting the Serial Device section in the DeviceMaster FreeWire Installation and User Guide for serial port pin-out information.

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