DeviceMaster FreeWire Configuration Methods

After the hardware installation has been successfully completed, the DeviceMaster FreeWire is ready for configuration. There are three configuration and management methods from which to chose.

  • DeviceMaster FreeWire Installation Wizard

    The easiest and fastest way to configure the DeviceMaster FreeWire is to use the DeviceMaster FreeWire Installation Wizard for Windows, which supports Windows XP through Windows 10.

    In addition, the DeviceMaster FreeWire Installation Wizard installs the FreeWire Manager, an advanced configuration interface and the port redirector. The DeviceMaster FreeWire Installation Wizard provides basic installation and configuration and alternately, you can use the FreeWire Manager for advanced configuration or to upload the latest firmware.

  • Embedded web server pages

    • Allow you to configure the DeviceMaster FreeWire with a standard web browser (for example, Firefox or Internet Explorer).

    • No additional software is needed on the system.

    • Can be used on any system that supports web browser capabilities.

    • Type the IP address into your web browser address bar to connect.

      The default IP address is

  • DeviceMaster FreeWire internal configuration console, which can be accessed via a Telnet connection or directly through the DeviceMaster FreeWire serial port. The Command Console is a command line-oriented console.

    • Contains some advanced features not available through the Web Browser Interface.

    • Can be accessed via Telnet or via a direct connection to the DeviceMaster FreeWire serial port.

    • Requires a DB9 RS-232 null-modem cable for serial connection.

    • Type HELP for a list of console commands.


Optionally, you can refer to the DeviceMaster FreeWire Installation and User Guide for installation and configuration procedures.

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