DeviceMaster FreeWire Software

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DeviceMaster FreeWire Installation Wizard

Windows XP through Windows 7

v2.01 Extract and install

The Installer installs the FreeWire Manager and port redirector. You can use the FreeWire Manager to configure the DeviceMaster FreeWire.


v1.64 Install

Use the web page to upload the latest firmware version.

Supports ETSI R&TTE EN 300 328 v1.8.1

Secure Port Redirector

Windows XP through Windows 10

v2.6.7 Download

You do not require the port redirector if you use the Installation Wizard. The port redirector is installed when running the Installation Wizard.

Refer to the help system in the port redirector for detailed information.

Test Terminal (WCOM2)

Windows XP through Windows 10

v3.01 Install

Test Terminal can be used to troubleshoot communications on a port-by-port basis. Test Terminal requires a loopback plug. You can build a loopback plug if you are missing the loopback plug shipped with the DeviceMaster FreeWire using the DeviceMaster FreeWire Installation and Configuration Guide.

You can use the Test Terminal section in the Port Monitor and Test Terminal User Guide for Test Terminal test procedures.

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