DeviceMaster PROFINET CbA Programming the IP Address

After installing the hardware, you are ready to program the network information (IP address) into the DeviceMaster RTS using PortVision Plus Plus.

  1. Install the appropriate version of PortVision Plus for your operating system. After installing PortVision Plus, program the IP address into the DeviceMaster UP using the following procedure.

  2. Start PortVision Plus using the PortVision Plus desktop shortcut or from the Start button, click Programs, Comtrol, PortVision Plus.

  3. If this is the first time you have opened PortVision Plus, click Scan and then Yes to locate DeviceMaster UP units on the network.


    PortVision Plus will locate all Comtrol DeviceMaster models when on the local network segment, excluding the DeviceMaster FreeWire.

  4. Highlight the DeviceMaster UP for which you want to program network information and open the Configure Device screen using one of these methods.

    • Double-click the DeviceMaster UP in the List View pane.

    • Click Config.

    • Right-click the DeviceMaster UP in the List View pane and click Configure Device.


    For additional information, open the PortVision Plus Help system. Access the Help system using the Help button or go directly to the help for a specific property page by clicking the Context menu button.

  5. Optionally, rename the DeviceMaster UP in the Device Name field.

  6. Change the DeviceMaster UP network properties as required for your site.

    • To use the DeviceMaster UP with DHCP, click DHCP IP, and make sure that you provide the MAC address of the DeviceMaster UP to the network administrator. Make sure that the administrator reserves the IP address, subnet mask and gateway address of the DeviceMaster UP in the DHCP server.

    • To program a static IP address, click Static IP and enter the appropriate values for your site.

  7. Click Apply Changes to update the network information on the DeviceMaster UP.

  8. Click Close to exit the Configure Device window.

Optionally, refer to the DeviceMaster Installation and Configuration Guide for procedures to program the IP address in the DeviceMaster UP through a serial connection (null-modem cable) with RedBoot.

After configuring the network, you are ready to check the firmware version before configuring the ports.


You may need to upload the PROFINET CbA firmware depending on the DeviceMaster UP you purchased, the DeviceMaster UP may or may not have PROFINET CbA loaded. Models that have a protocol loaded on the DeviceMaster UP are identified in PortVision Plus and the DeviceMaster UP is labeled accordingly.

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