DeviceMaster PROFINET CbA Installation Overview

The DeviceMaster UP installation follows these basic steps:

  1. Install the hardware.


    PROFINET CbA does not support 2-port or 4-port models.

  2. Install the appropriate version of PortVision Plus for your operating system and configure the network information.


    If you have previously installed PortVision Plus you may want to verify that you are running the latest version. PortVision Plus is continuously updated with new features and added support for the latest hardware model releases.

  3. If the DeviceMaster UP was not shipped with PROFINET CbA, upload PROFINET CbA or check the firmware version on the DeviceMaster UP to see if you should download the latest version.

  4. Refer to the interface programming information for PROFINET CbA.

  5. Configure the DeviceMaster UP port characteristics for your environment using the embedded web pages on the DeviceMaster UP.

    There are two ways that you can access the embedded web page:

    • Open PortVision Plus, right-click on the appropriate DeviceMaster UP unit and select Web Manager.

    • Open your web browser and enter the IP address of the DeviceMaster UP.


    The Interface Configuration Quick Start provides detailed procedures for read-only serial, read-only Ethernet, or read-write devices. For detailed information about the web page, refer to the User Guide.

  6. Connect the serial devices to the DeviceMaster UP using the DeviceMaster UP Hardware Installation and Configuration Guide.

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