Legacy DeviceMaster Secure COM Port Redirector Installation Overview


Optionally, you can install the latest NS-Link driver for your operating system, which supports secure COM ports as of v10.10.

Use the following procedure to install the DeviceMaster and set up secure COM ports.

  1. Install the hardware.

  2. Install PortVision DX and then program the network information (IP address) into the DeviceMaster.

  3. If necessary, check the SocketServer version and upload SocketServer on the DeviceMaster.


    SocketServer is the default application that runs on the DeviceMaster. The secure COM port redirector works with SocketServer to provide security on the DeviceMaster. SocketServer also provides TCP/IP socket access from other hosts or for serial tunneling if sockets are configured.

  4. Configure the serial port attributes and enable the security feature in the SocketServer web page.

  5. Install the secure port redirector.

  6. Add and configure the DeviceMaster serial port with the secure port redirector.

  7. Connect the serial devices. Refer to the DeviceMaster Installation and Configuration Guide if you need cabling information.

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