Legacy Installing the DeviceMaster Secure COM Port Redirector

Use the table below to locate the secure port redirector. You can refer to the help system or use the procedure below to install and configure the DeviceMaster ports.

Secure Port RedirectorInstallation Document

Windows XP - Windows 7


v2.6.7 Download

Refer to the help system in the secure port redirector for detailed information.

Use the following procedure to install the secure port redirector for Windows.

  1. Double-click the setup-spr.msi file.

  2. Click Next at the Setup Wizard.

  3. Click I accept the terms in the License Agreement and Next.

  4. Optionally, browse and select a different installation path and then click Next.

  5. Verify the installation selections and then click Install.

  6. Click Finish to complete the installation and open the secure port redirector.

  7. Make sure that you have configured the port using SocketServer.

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