DeviceMaster Software Developer Kit Default Application

The DeviceMaster version of RedBoot will wait for a configured number of seconds after startup for connections from a host. If no connection from a host is made, the bootloader will look for a file named default in the flash file system. If a file named default exists, it will be loaded and executed. If a host initiates a download or if the dis command is entered during the waiting period, the default program will not be loaded.

Here is an example of the commands used to load a program from a TFTP server and save it in flash as the default application:

RedBoot> fis delete default

  Delete image ’default’ - are you sure (y/n)? y
  ... Erase from 0x05030000-0x050c0000: .........
  ... Erase from 0x053f0000-0x05400000: .
  ... Program from 0x007a0000-0x007b0000 at 0x053f0000: .

RedBoot> load -v -h socket.srec

Entry point: 0x00000384, address range: 0x00000000-0x000718a8 

RedBoot> fis create default

 ... Erase from 0x05030000-0x050b0000: ........
 ... Program from 0x00000000-0x000718a9 at 0x05030000: ........
 ... Erase from 0x053f0000-0x05400000: .
 ... Program from 0x007a0000-0x007b0000 at 0x053f0000: .

If you wish to permanently disable the default application, use the fis delete command to delete it from the flash file system (example shown in fis delete).

To update the bootloader, load and execute the burn-redboot program that contains code to update the bootloader flash. This can be done by downloading a .bin file using one of the utilities provided with the SDK (PortVision DX, TFTP, the command line utility, or the GUI download utility). It can also be done by downloading a .srec file using RedBoot.

For example:

RedBoot>load -v -h burn-redboot.srec

Entry point: 0x00000000, address range: 0x00000000-0x000228d8/


Diag StartupburnId=0089,8897flash_erase_region(05010000,65536)sector
  erase 05010000sector erase 05020000flash_program_buf(05010000,000028D8,65536)ROM
  = 05000000done -- resetting...

At this point the bootloader has been updated, and the board should reset and run the new bootloader

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