RocketPort Jet Driver Installation: DOS

Make sure that you have done the following:

  1. Unpackaged the driver files

  2. If necessary, set the DIP switches.

  3. Installed the RocketPort Jet in the PC.

Use the following procedure to install the device driver, which is a DOS command line program that sets PCI I/O card's UART/parallel address to available COM/LPT ports.

  • To start the setup automatically, add SETIO.EXE to autoexec.bat file and copy SETIO.EXE to c:\. You can delete the SETIO.EXE line in the autoexec.bat file if you later decide not to run it automatically.

  • To run the program manually, after boot-up, type SETIO at the command prompt and press the Enter key.

    Usage: setio [/option]

    none No parameters, sets up system COM/LPT ports, which sets the PCIIO card's UART/parallel ports to available COM/LPT slots.
    /u# x Sets UART port# address, #=port number, x=io address in hex. Assign uart port's address, for example:. c:\>setio /u1 c400, assigns 0c400h to UART Port 1.
    /l# x Sets parallel port address, #=base addr, x=ext. addr in hex , for example:. c:\>setio /l278 678, assigns 0278h as base address and 0678h as extended address for the parallel port.
    /c Displays the card's PCI bus information, IRQ, its port address, and mapping to system COM/LPT.
    /s Shows seg40 system resources and the system COM/LPT ports' address.
    /h, /? Display help message.

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