RocketPort Jet Installation Overview

RocketPort Jet adapter installations follow these basic steps:

  1. Unpack the latest device driver assembly for your operating system.

  2. If necessary, set the jumpers for your installation.

    • 2-Port: If using a DB9 cable or connector and you want to use ring indicator (RI) on Pin 9.

    • 2-Port: If using an 8-pin RJ45 cable or connector, set Jumper P2 accordingly.

    • 4-Port: If you want to use ring indicator (RI) on Pin 9.

  3. Install the RocketPort Jet adapter in the host system in an available PCI slot.

  4. Install the device driver for your operating system. You can use the appropriate device driver installation procedures.


    You may need to configure the driver, if your serial devices are not using the driver default values.

  5. Connect the serial devices to the RocketPort Jet ports.

For installation problems, there are applications available to test the driver.


Products labeled Obsolete means that both the product and download files are obsolete and are AS IS (in mature status and are no longer updated). Limited Technical Support available.

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