RocketPort CompactPCI

Use this table to access the appropriate device driver and driver installation document for your operating system or systems.

Operating SystemFileDescription


Hardware Installation

Rev B Open

You can use this document to locate RocketPort CompactPCI hardware and installation information.

Bootable Diagnostic Diskette Image

V1.92 Copy

Rawrite - a utility for Microsoft systems used to create disk images for use with our diagnostic disk image files.

Rawrite documentation

You will need a loopback plug to run the diagnostics.

FreeBSD 4x

Rev A Copy See the readme file bundled in the driver assembly.

FreeBSD 5x

Rev A Copy See the readme file bundled in the driver assembly.


V2.05 Copy

Rev D Open

Windows 98/Me

V1.71 OpenRev B Open

Windows 2000


Rev C Open

Windows NT


V4.54 DownloadRev D Open

Windows XP

Windows Server 2003


Rev C Open

Comtrol Utility

Windows Server 2003

Windows XP

Windows 2000

V3.00 Install from CD

The Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc. Utility contains Test Terminal and Port Monitor.


Files labeled Legacy means that the product is considered an active product, however; downloaded files are AS IS (in mature status and are no longer updated). Limited Technical Support available.

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