Legacy DeviceMaster Modbus Server Firmware

These are Legacy files, which means that the product is considered an active product, however; downloaded files are AS IS (in mature status and are no longer updated). Limited Technical Support available.

The DeviceMaster Industrial Gateway family includes DeviceMaster UP and DeviceMaster MOD models.


Typically, you should load the latest firmware.

Depending on the model you purchased, it may or may not have Modbus Server loaded. The DeviceMaster UP may contain SocketServer, the default application from the factory. Models that have a protocol loaded on the DeviceMaster UP are identified in PortVision DX and the DeviceMaster UP is labeled accordingly.


Modbus Server firmware

Requires Windows XP SP3 or higher



You may want to upload the latest Modbus Server firmware on the DeviceMaster UP using PortVision DX before configuring the serial ports.

Refer to the Modbus Server User Guide (Rev C) for detailed information and configuration procedures.

For secure configuration procedures, see the DeviceMaster Secure Configuration User Guide (Rev B).


Use PortVision DX to upload the DeviceMaster firmware files or optionally, the Firmware Uploader Utility for Linux.

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