RocketPort EXPRESS Installation Overview

Installation follows these basic steps:

  1. Locate the RocketPort EXPRESS device driver assembly.

  2. Install the RocketPort EXPRESS adapter and attach the interface.


    Do not connect RS-422/485 devices until the appropriate port interface type has been configured in the device driver. The RocketPort EXPRESS default port setting is RS-232.

    You can open the RocketPort EXPRESS User Guide for hardware installation procedures.


    Windows: Click Cancel if a Found New Hardware message appears.

  3. Install the device driver for your operating system. You may need to configure the device driver, if your serial devices are not using the device driver default values.

  4. Connect the serial devices to the RocketPort EXPRESS ports.

For installation problems, there are applications available to test the device driver or you can install the Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc. Utility and run Test Terminal to test the ports..

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