RocketPort EXPRESS Device Drivers and Documents

Use this table to access the appropriate device driver and driver installation document for your operating system or systems. Optionally, you can refer to the Installation Overview for installation procedures.

Device DriverDocumentation


Kernels 2.6.25 through 5.5.x


Legacy Files



Refer to the readme file bundled with the driver for installation procedures. You can also download LCOM, which can be used for testing serial ports on a Linux system.







Make sure that the file extension is an uppercase F. Some browsers download the file with a lowercase f file extension, if that occurs; change the file extension to uppercase before installing the driver.

See the readme file with the driver assembly.

Windows 7 through Windows 10

Windows Server 2012 through Windows Server 2019


Polling or Interrupt Driven

RocketPort EXPRESS Legacy Files



This driver supports both polling or interrupt driven modes. The default is set to Polling.

To install the device driver, execute the .exe file and follow the installation wizard. See the RocketPort EXPRESS Device Driver Installation Guide for Windows for detailed driver installation procedures and COM port configuration.

High Throughput Streaming Data or Fast Response Requirements

  • If your application is receiving high throughput streaming data, leave the Use Fast (Low Latency) Data Transfer option unselected, is the default setting used by most applications.

  • If your application requires a fast response from the connected serial device, set the Use Fast (Low Latency) Data Transfer option for that port in the Comtrol Drivers Management Console.

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