RocketPort Universal PCI Installation Overview

RocketPort Universal PCI adapter installations follow these basic steps. You can open the RocketPort Universal PCI User Guide for detailed hardware installation, cabling, and troubleshooting.


Do NOT connect the Quad/Octacable or interface box to the RocketPort Universal PCI card when the computer is powered on.

  1. Locate the latest device driver assembly for your operating system and copy to it to a location available to the host PC.

  2. Install the RocketPort Universal PCI adapter in the host system.

  3. Attach the Octacable or interface box (panel or rackmount ).

    Quad/Octacable Interfaces

    Make sure that the connectors are properly aligned and forcefully push the connector of the Quad/Octacable with a rocking motion into the card connector. Make sure that the connector is seated tightly before tightening the retaining screws on the connector.

    Panel and Rackmount Interface Boxes

    Make sure that the connectors are properly aligned. Do NOT use force when connecting the cables to the host adapter card.

  4. Power on the PC.


    Windows: Click Cancel if a Found New Hardware message appears.

  5. Install the device driver for your operating system.

    You can refer to the driver installation document for the Linux or Microsoft drivers. Drivers for other operating systems contain readme files in the driver assembly that provide installation and configuration procedures.


    You may need to configure the driver, if your serial devices are not using the driver default values.

  6. Connect the serial devices to the RocketPort Universal PCI ports.

    1DCDNot used
    4DTRNot Used
    5GndNot Used**
    6DSRNot Used
    9RINot used

    * RS-422 is supported with the interfaces with RS-232/422 switches or the RS-422 rackmount interface.

    ** Tied to ground on the adapter but it is not used in the cable.

For installation problems, there may be applications available to test the driver or you can run the diagnostic.

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