RocketModem IV Installation Overview

RocketModem IV adapter installations follow these basic steps:


Select the appropriate product link (left) to locate the version and select the download link to see what version resides on the ftp site. If necessary, download the latest driver and documents.

  1. Locate the latest device driver assembly for your operating system.

  2. Install the RocketModem IV adapter in the host system. If necessary, refer to the hardware installation document.

  3. Install the device driver for your operating system.

    You can refer to the driver installation document for the Linux or Microsoft drivers. Drivers for other operating systems contain readme files in the driver assembly that provide installation and configuration procedures.


    You may need to configure the driver, if your serial devices are not using the driver default values.

  4. Connect the serial devices to the RocketModem IV ports.

For installation problems, there may be applications available to test the driver or you can run the diagnostic.

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