RocketLinx Troubleshooting

Review the following information before calling Technical Support because they will request that you perform many of the procedures or verifications before they will be able to help you diagnose a problem.

  • Verify that you have the latest firmware on the following RocketLinx models

  • Verify that the IP address has been configured for your network.

  • Verify that the correct cables have been used and are properly connected.

  • Verify that power has been applied to the RocketLinx Ethernet switch.

  • Refer to the available Tech Tips in the table below or the Comtrol forum.

    Technical Tip DocumentDescriptionFile
    RocketLinx Managed Switches and VLAN Configuration

    This document provides step-by-step procedures for managed RocketLinx VLAN configuration using the web interface.

    The MP1204-XT is not discussed in the document.

    Rev A Open

    RocketLinx Web Interface and the Windows Firewall

    The MP1204-XT is not discussed in the document.

    This document provides step-by-step procedures to add Java exclusions to the firewall on Windows operating systems (after Windows XP) so that the following Local Mode functions work in the web interface:

    • Create configuration files

    • Upload configuration files

    • Load firmware

    Optionally, you can use PortVision DX to perform these tasks.

    Rev A Open

If you cannot diagnose the problem, you can contact Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol, Inc. Technical Support .

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